Red Cross Club looks to make a difference

Reno Williams, Lead Writer

President Kim Tran wants Red Cross Club to be unique. Founded in November, RCC aims to make a serious difference. When I visited in early February, Kim told me she wanted to start a club that helps people during natural disasters and fosters students’ interest in the healthcare field.

Sophomore Gigi Cassady, a member since December, was introduced to RCC by friends but stuck around because of it’s fun atmosphere and interesting projects. She’s particularly looking forward to working with the Red Cross to plan events at SC.

RCC works actively with the Seattle chapter of the Red Cross, and hopes to collaborate with FHCWA. Earlier in the year, the club made cards for veterans. In the future they hope to take a CPR training course, create disaster preparedness kits for the Red Cross, and organize a school blood drive. RCC is a friendly, energetic group eager to act. If you’re interested in healthcare or supporting a distinguished international charity, RCC meets Wednesdays in room 348.