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Here at the Highland Piper, we work to inform staff and students about Shorecrest and its place in our community and world. As a student written, edited, and designed newspaper publication, we value the impact of young people and strive to nurture our influence through the dedicated practice of writing, interviewing, and researching. It is our mission to provide accurate, detailed, and unbiased information that encompasses all opinions and diverse groups of people.

Although the SC Newspaper has not recently been available to Shorecrest students as a class, we meet as a club every Friday. Last year, due to the quarantine, we decided not print our articles, and we are continuing to be solely online this year. However, our website allows us to be more effective and efficient, so make sure to check back every few weeks to see new stories! We thank the Shorecrest community for its diligent support of our student newspaper.

-The 2021-2022 Highland Piper Staff

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About Us