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Piper Prompts is our biannual writing contest. The prompt for this semester’s contest is “Behind Closed Doors” Please stick to a maximum limit of 750 words. Submissions are open through December 4 until 11:59 PM PST. Submit your work at this link.

Feel free to interpret the prompt in whichever way you choose. We are accepting all forms of writing (ex. poetry, a short story, journalism/non-fiction, prose, etc.). Your work will be judged on:

– Creativity (if it’s similar to an already written piece or based on a common trope, etc.)
– Technical skill (such as how different literary devices are used to enhance the writing)
– Interpretation/relevance of the prompt

Some Guidelines:
– 750 word limit
– Any form of writing (journalistic, poem, script, etc) is allowed
– Club members can only submit to the contest if they don’t participate in voting
– The pieces will be voted on with the author staying anonymous, however, the author’s notes (if there are any) will be visible
– The Piper staff can decide to omit a piece from the voting pool if a majority believe that it will be problematic
– It can be any piece, new or previously written, as long as it hasn’t been published in the past. It just needs to relate to the prompt
– No unnecessary profanity or discrimination based on identity that does not add to the piece

Your writing will be first evaluated anonymously by Highland Piper Staff. The top 3 finalists will have their anonymous work sent out to the whole school in a Google Form so they can select a winner!

Voting Process:
Round 1 – The Highland Piper staff will vote and choose top 3 pieces
Round 2 – Voting opens to the whole school via an online poll
– Will be advertised on morning announcements/SCNN
– Link to vote will be on our website and on Highlander Home Slides
Winner will be announced on morning announcements before Mid-Winter Break!

First-place prizes include publication on The Highland Piper Website, a printed certificate of achievement, and a $25 gift card of your choice. Feel free to contact The Highland Piper at [email protected] or DM @sc.highland.piper on Instagram with any questions/technical difficulties. Good luck and happy writing!

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