Volleyball Experiences a Rewarding Season

Sophomore Emily Pan bumps the volleyball with the support of her teammates.

Heather Desrosier

Sophomore Emily Pan bumps the volleyball with the support of her teammates.

Going back and forth with Edmonds-Woodway for four sets at the districts play-in game, our Scots lost the nail-biting competition in the last of five sets, missing the district qualification by just a few points. Being a play-in game, the loss cost them a spot in districts. But, the team still views their season as a success. “We did a lot better this year than we did last year,” says senior captain Shelby Gresch.

Shorecrest’s volleyball team spent a lot of time refining their skills. “What I liked about this year was we had pretty much the exact same team, except for two people,” explains senior captain Hailee Desrosier, “so it was really interesting to see how everyone improved.” With half of the varsity team being underclassmen this season, volleyball is blessed with a lot of young talent. Varsity freshmen Kiana Lino and Jasmine Chiu stepped up and were essential for the team’s success this season. “[Lino] just kills the ball,” compliments Desrosier. The captains describe how other young players made great strides. JV setter sophomore Riley Berhowitz “did really well” and is a versatile player, while C-Team players sophomore Meley Leake and freshman Isabel Araneta were both characterized by their growing confidence this season.

Even though they had a great season, the team did have some problems. But, they learned to work through them. “We had a rough time with injuries,” explains Gresch. Key varsity players, sophomores Dahlia McAllister and Amanda Lee, and senior Ashley Aversano battled injuries for part of the season, while sophomore Emily Pan was out sick. But the team was able to adapt, being flexible with their playing. Since only six out of the twelve players are on the court at once, many were able to step up and lend their talents to multiple roles. “With twelve of us we were all able to play a couple of positions,” says Desrosier. “That helped when we had injuries.”

Just like any sport, Volleyball has traditions that make it unique. One such custom is a ‘dress-up practice.’  “We decide as a team on a theme that we want the practice to surround,” says Desrosier, “this year it was five year old day, so we dressed like we would if we were five.” The girls donned tutus, fairy wings, and pigtails. “It was really funny,” she added.

The season has come to an end, but not without triumph. “It was definitely a rewarding season,” said Desrosier. “It was an emotional year,” she said, with “so many good moments,” added Gresch. But with all of the athletes’ improvements this season, they know their team will continue to foster achievement. “I really appreciated this season,” Desrosier proudly explained, “because we all worked for it and we all wanted it for each other.”