Fashion At Shorecrest


This photo represents the choices being made when picking out clothes to wear and shows the diversity in fashion between different peoples closets. It also shows how individuals have their own personal aesthetics.

Fashion is one of the most effective ways for people to express themselves. The way someone dresses is the first thing most people see. Clothes give people a glimpse into the life of the wearer, telling a story about the person. Shorecrest high school is a place where students are free to wear (mostly) whatever they want due to the school’s relaxed dress code. Students provide a melting pot of culture, fashion, and aesthetic to the colorful Shorecrest community. Diversity is what makes Shorecrest such a beautiful, accepting, and inspirational environment. “What you’re willing to wear expresses how you feel and about your environment, people know me here (Shorecrest) so I can wear what I want,” admitted Shorecrest sophomore Satchel McKee. Mckee’s style is colorful, full of life, and it accurately reflects his personality. Sophomore Jannah McDaniel said, “I like fashion because you can express yourself with what you wear  and you can see what other people like…Fashion tells alot about the person’s personality.” McDaniel describes her style as chic, fun, and edgy. Her go to look is a black graphic tee, high rise straight legged jeans or mom jeans, black sock booties, paired with a black bracelet covered in white rhinestones.


Trends change all the time, in the early 2000’s it was low rise jeans paired with one shouldered crop tops, the late 2000’s it was color coordinated velour track suits, and around 2010 it was jeans under dresses. In 2017  we’ve seen Birkenstock obsession, brand name fixation, and camouflage print pant addiction. “I look to see what my favorite celebrities and influencers wear for fashion inspiration. I also pay attention to what my friends are wearing. For me and most people, I think we dress to either fit in or stand out from the crowd,” admits an anonymous Shorecrest student when asked about why they dress in a certain style. Many Shorecrest students agree that many celebrities and social media people influence the way they dress. Some of the most common fashion idols for students are; Zendaya, the Sprouse brothers, Selena Gomez, Kanye West, Rihanna, and the Hadid sisters. “You see someone famous, who is on a higher standard, then I wanna wear that to get that sense, like if you were a peasant and you saw the king wearing gold, you would want to wear the gold to feel like royalty,” said McKee when asked about why people dress like their favorite celebrities. Dressing like celebrities makes people feel like they fit in and are trendy. Famous people live exciting and edgy lives and wearing the same or similar clothes help students convey a luxurious celebrity lifestyle.

Some of Shorecrest students favorite places to shop for clothing are; Brandy Melville,  Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, Supreme, Free People, and Topshop. For clothes that won’t put as big of a dent in your wallet, students recommend shopping at Goodwill, Value Village, Red Light, Buffalo Exchange, and Deseret Industries. Repurposing clothes by cutting the bottom in half, chopping the sleeves off, or tying a knot in the fabric gives new life and purpose to old clothing. Students recommend looking for brand name clothing in a thrift store. It is a lot less expensive than buying it in the original store that would usually cost more in the original store than it does in a thrift look expensive.” Brand names to keep your eye out for are; Supreme, Juicy, Pollo, Harley Davidson, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Patagonia, and North Face.  McKee said, “People like brand name clothing because they want to join in on the trend, and when you wear expensive clothes people think you look expensive.”