Ode to Sports

To all the fellow students who forgot how Shorecrest Sports fared in their season

or those who couldn’t attend the games for whatever reason,

Here are all the sports thus far that ended, in a summary:


Scots of Football came on top, beating rival football teams

Few regrets, the season ends with next-year playoffs in their dreams


Girl’s Swim and Dive finish Districts well, winning with success all around

With fresh new athletes every year, the future is looking sound


Cross Country won most their meets, training to the hard extremes

Seaside and the Leavenworth Invitationals, meeting many other teams.


Boys Tennis sent two teams to State, playing even till the spring

As seniors leave, the freshmen rise, working hard on their training


Volleyball Girls missed the cut, losing to Edmonds-Woodway

Moving past, the team gets better, so next year will be child’s play


Girls Soccer overcomes from challenge, getting into State

Season ends successfully, making next year’s players wait.


Girls Gymnastics lost their chance, facing schools in other meets,

Next year’s season they’ll come back, training to be better athletes


Boys swim took a risk, had not done so well in the years before

But kept practicing, ultimately improving on their score.


Boys Basketball practiced hard, but sadly did not get to qualify,

Districts done, they end wait next year, with goals aiming high.


Girls Basketball dribbled hard and went to State, with many grins

With season ending, they take their leave making overall nine wins.


Boys Wrestling took off great, wrestling off in Shoreline Invitationals

With wins under their belt, they wait for next year raising their morales.


Girls Wrestling attended the Lady Knights Invitational, fighting at request

Training hard, the season finishes, just one girl doing her best.