The Shorecrest Spotify Playlist


Shorecrest student survey

There were only 16 responses to the survey, but out of those who did, the majority were strongly in favor of creating the school playlist.

Several days ago, I asked the other Piper Editor, Sophia Gamble, to post a survey to the Hyphy Highlanders Facebook group. My goal was to start a community Spotify playlist that Shorecrest students could add to, and it would play straight from the Highland Piper website. The survey was two questions long, merely asking if you wanted one, and if so, what did you want on it.

The response was lukewarm, with 16 total responses. Out of all of them, two said no, and one more said yes, but did not list any songs. Finally, out of the 13 who did, the genre and style of songs varied – from the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, to Disney, to Greenday. I did my best to stay as unbiased as possible, adding the 5 most popular songs of any listed artist, and putting the songs in the order they were requested. The resulting playlist is a mix of everything, except for anything with explicit lyrics, that was requested. I would not recommend listening to it on shuffle.

For any student would like to add to the playlist, requests will stay open indefinitely ( We hope to see this playlist change and grow in the future.

If you want to listen to it, we have a link to it on the Piper website, or follow this URL to be taken to it directly: