Hot topics: New Wednesday’s at Shorecrest?!

Recently, it seems as though an entirely new, different, and foreign day of the week has arrived at Shorecrest… early release Wednesdays. Though seemingly a mere change to the week’s schedule, this new change has brought with it controversy, discussion, and deep analysis among the community about its place in the schedule and whether or not it is a good idea or use of time. What is an early release Wednesday? Here at Shorecrest, Wednesdays contain six thirty-five minute class periods (“A” day), and releases students promptly at 12:55 (No students can remain at the school unless for school related-activity). These new schedules differ from prior scheduling as the school day ends early (12:55 instead of 2:35), class periods are quite short, thirty five minutes instead of a typical 75 minute class periods, and staff work day Mondays where there was no school, do not occur anymore.


Why change the schedule? While meeting with Shorecrest principal, Lisa Gonzalez, to discuss the current hot topic, she revealed that the reason for change was to give staff more opportunity to interact and “learn from one another.” “…Typically, a teacher from the math department would have no reason to interact with an English teacher. With these new opportunities (Early release Wednesdays) teachers can have more time to learn from one another. For example, at our last Wednesday meeting, each teacher was assigned ‘homework’- to go and listen to a fellow Shorecrest teacher teach for 10 minutes. I view these Wednesdays very positively as teachers are getting time that they never had to build upon their teaching and experiences with the help of their fellow Shorecrest community,” Ms. Gonzalez states passionately.


How are students reacting? Some view these new Wednesdays negatively as they believe that class periods are too short for productivity, occasional staff work days are a “better trade” for free time, and that they are not quite as motivated to show up for school. In contrast, others view the switch quite positively as they enjoy the earlier release time, the predictable date of a Wednesday early release versus an unpredictable staff work day, and are unphased by the shorter periods. One anonymous source states (when questioned), that the Wednesdays are inconsistent, awkward for parenting schedules that do not include a daycare, and should be changed. “That’s complete bogus…. Shorecrest could alter the schedule to the prior, productive length Wednesdays. Edmonds? Their months include full, predictable days, and don’t include ‘random’ days such as these. Yet, it is not too late to change… we can alter to Edmond’s schedule.”  In conclusion, there is quite a divide between positive and negative views towards this new type of day at Shorecrest. What do you think?