Last-Minute Scots: “Valentine’s Day is this Thursday??!!!” 5 Plan and Gift Ideas!


Valentine’s day. The only holiday associated with red lace, Cupid’s bow and arrow, wafting romance, and seemingly tacky pink, frilly hearts. Though often clouded with misconceptions of dating and relationships that generate an anxious February environment as the holiday draws near, students must remember that the sole purpose of Valentine’s Day is to knit families, friends, and loved ones closer together. So, as we enter into February 2019, let’s not forget what the jubilant, candy-filled festivities are all about! To aid with the upcoming holiday planning, the newspaper staff feels inclined to share a few creative, absolute must-have ideas for how to spend this year’s passion-filled holiday, as well as what gifts to give. Note that each of these day plans and gift-ideas will ensure that your Valentine’s Day is the most enjoyable, magic-filled experience yet!


5) Good Deeds and Coupons Intertwine!

Coupons? While not quite deemed a “mainstream” aspect of Valentine’s Day, gathering thick, colorful paper, your 8-pack of bright, Crayola markers, and a pair of scissors can get the “I love you” message along pretty clearly. In your own life, there are plenty of deeds that you can do for and with others! Keep in mind that there are many different types of people in your life as well, so personalize your coupons! Whether cutting out boxy rectangles of paper labeled “5 Free homemade recipes of your choice!” to “Redeem for a Movie night,” the hand-written, personalized approach to a traditional Valentine will show that you care. For an extra flare with your coupons: 1) Use stickers, glitter, and magazine cut-outs for extra fun! 2) Decide on a creative way to deliver your gift. Will it be recreating a mini, fake Chinook book full of the paper tickets? Hiding coupons in and behind objects in your house? You can decide.


4) Go Out!

While the home is comfortable, what beats the feeling of knowing that you don’t have any dishes to wash after dinner? Whether you wish to stay local by walking to a restaurant nearby, or taking time to explore downtown Edmonds, the choice is yours. Around LFP, Suni’s Pizza on 15th Ave. is a comfortable place to go. Serving cold, sweet milkshakes and thick handmade pizza slices, Suni’s might be a perfect choice for you and yours to get a bite out. Local family-run Teriyaki Plus on Ballinger Ave. also whips up some good eats. In order to add lots of Valentine’s Day vibes to your trip, make sure to dress up! (Ex. Ask all members to wear pink, red, or heart accessories atop clothes).


3) A Snow Walk in the Dark!

Come home from school? Check. Ate a snack? Check. Napped? Check. You may be tired, but there is something quite rejuvenating when you can feel the fresh, icy air enter your lungs during a snow walk. Gazing upon snow-covered trees while seeing the pinkish hue of the sunset peak from behind the clouds? Brrrr-eathtaking! This Thursday, make sure that you get outdoors for a little bit of time. Whether for 20 minutes or hours, make sure that you’re enjoying this winter weather and all of the gorgeous sights that come with it! In order to completely relax and enjoy the sensations, wait until you have accomplished all other tasks that you intend to do, and save the night for gorgeous sights, and a snow walk with your loved ones! In order to maximize the quality of your experience, prepare a thermos of peppermint hot chocolate for the adventure, and bring hand-warmers. When done, kick up your legs, and heat up by a warm, toasty fireplace while surrounding yourself with those that you love!


2) Bake a Chocolate Cake. Surprise Someone.

If you view baking as an individual activity, try mixing it up this Valentine’s day! Gather your friends, your family, anyone that you love, to help you out and make the cake baking a group effort! Prior to the baking night, make sure to stock up on ingredients, paying extra special attention to red sprinkles, heart gummies, pink dyes, and other Valentine themed additions! Play some music, dress up, and enjoy time as you bake in your kitchen, and you will feel oh-so satisfied when you stab your fork into that finished, iced cake. Or, bake it for someone else. That’s pretty satisfying too, and maybe they’ll even share some with you!


1) Make a List! 

When busy, we often don’t have time to stop what we’re doing and slow down! Take this Valentine’s Day to halt, rethink, refocus, and devote your time to those that you care about. Remind them why you care! In order to state your reasons, come up with some creative methods to pass the message along! A great way to demonstrate your care is by simply stating the facts. Taking a deck of playing cards, neatly hand-print something that you love about the person on each card. Using a hole-punch and a string to connect your “reason cards” together can be a cute way to express your thoughts. Maybe laminate your list as a meal placemat? Sing them their favorite song? Regardless of the means of expression, reminding those that you care (and why!) will never get old. Pick a number, and get started writing! In addition, stop by Golden Bow Gifts and Flowers on 179th street for some fragrant flowers to pair with your list!