Shorecrest’s Lesser-Known Electives


Have you ever been planning your class schedule for the year and found yourself with an empty class space? Or maybe all your graduation requirements are there, but you still have to figure out what to do for a semester or two. Most students go for an extra art or PE elective, but maybe you’re looking for something more specialized. If you have a niche interest you’d like to expand more on, take a look at these classes or the registration guide for more ideas. And remember, there’s more to an elective class than an easy A. Even if it’s easy, you won’t exactly have a great time unless you’re interested in the subject material you’re working with. Choose wisely!

History in Film

History in Film is just what it says on the tin: learn about the history of pop culture and movies from the 1910s to the 1990s through the best possible method: watching films! In a semester-long history elective, you can watch famous and obscure movies alike through the lens of a historian or someone living in the time periods. Most of the workload is focused on film notes and quizzes meant to test if you’re paying attention to the film and the background knowledge. Even if you’ve already watched them all, having discussions in class and learning about the historical context of the story, production, and actors can greatly enhance your viewing experience!

Theater Tech

Anyone who’s seen a musical production at Shorecrest knows how impressive they can be, and it’s safe to say that our theater department is quite high-quality. If you’re interested in what goes on behind the scenes but don’t feel like performing on stage, you might just fit in with the stage crew. Theater tech is a great introduction to aspects of theater production such as lighting, set design, rigging, and theater layout. It’s a great hands-on experience that caters to every skill level, and I do mean every skill level. Honestly, you barely need to know how to hold a wrench, so don’t feel discouraged. You can learn as you go and combine handiness with creativity in a unique setting!

Art by Molly Chapin

Ethnic Studies

Ethnic Studies is a brand-new social studies elective centered around social justice and the structure of modern society. So many great students are passionate about current affairs, and while they might be touched on in history classes, ethnic studies is a great option for those who want to dive in deeper. Social justice and political topics are tied in with discussions about sociology and psychology, and the class centers around skills you may have learned in history or English classes, such as interpreting and analyzing sources. I highly recommend anyone interested in these subjects to think about taking this course, because it sounds very appealing for people who want a real-world perspective on things.


One more note: many of the more specialized courses offered are not guaranteed to happen the next year due to low enrollment. If you want to take a class and feel strongly about it, the best thing you can do is to sign up for it and spread the word! The more interested students there are, the more likely the classes can continue to be offered.


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