Scots Ready to Serve: The Appeal of Joining the Military


After high school, there are several different routes that a student could choose that could help them continue their education and/or pursue work. Whether it’s college or an apprenticeship program, there are a variety of great choices. However, the option that many students choose is the military. To get a better look at the appeal and benefits of serving and joining the military, we interviewed some of our favorite Scots who are planning on going into service after they graduate, Andrew Miner, Thomas Rhodes, and Hank Jorgensen. For many different reasons, the military can be a great option: it allows someone to not only serve their country but further their education while providing them with the ability to work and make money at the same time.

In our search for answers, we asked Scots questions like, What branch of the military are you going to pursue? Why is the military a good fit for you? What about the military is going to further your life goals? Is there anything specific that you are excited about? Let’s take a look at what these three had to say! 

Senior Andrew Miner says, “I’m going into either the Navy or Marine corps. I’m interested in aviation and the military (specifically the navy/marine corps) will provide really great opportunities in aviation while allowing me to develop myself as a leader and serve something greater than myself. Even if I don’t end up going into aviation, I will have skills that can help me with any job in the civilian sector. The naval academy has some really awesome summer training opportunities like going on submarines, flying jets, and parachuting so I’m excited to experience all of those before I commission.”

Thomas Rhodes stated, “I am going into the Coast Guard at the Coast Guard Academy. The military is regimented and I think of myself as a person who likes to follow schedules and be organized. One of my goals is to become a helicopter pilot in the Coast Guard. Attending the Coast Guard Academy will help me reach that goal by training me to be an officer in the military. I am excited to wrestle for the Coast Guard Academy. I think it will be a great training opportunity and an opportunity to become a better wrestler.” 

Lastly, Hank Jorgensen says, “I am going into the Marine Corps because it’s going to teach me organization and leadership skills. The military is a good fit for my life right now because I have always wanted to join the armed services and see it as a way I can help others who cannot help themselves. Yes, I am really excited to spend the forthcoming years of my life in the marine corps.”

Joining the military appeals to some Shorecrest students as it provides them with many opportunities. There are not only many potential learning opportunities, but the military will provide these Scots firsthand experience with hard work, perseverance, and comradery. Clearly, they know how great of an opportunity joining the military can be, and we encourage all students to look into it as a possibility for the future after high school graduation. If you have any questions, try doing research online! It is really a great opportunity for many students (Below are some resources that you could use if you wanted any more information).