Club Spotlight: Ceramics Club

Makenzie Wilkinson, Editor in Chief

With so many new clubs at Shorecrest, there are a lot of ways for students to develop their interests, even outside of class. This year, Shorecrest saw the emergence of a new club, Ceramics Club. Created by juniors Chloe Dodd and Chloe Nestegard, the club provides a way for people to continue to develop ceramics skills, even if they aren’t in the class anymore, or don’t have room in their schedules for it. “So many of my friends were talking about how they were sad the semester was ending,” explains the club’s co-president, Chloe Dodd. “They didn’t have enough slots in their schedule to be able to take it again.”

Junior Sierra Bavik glazes her current project.

The club held their first meeting on January 23rd, with several people attending the first meeting. They all seemed genuinely interested in Ceramics, and sticking with the club for a while. “[I’ve been impressed with] the amount of people showing up since we’ve only been a club for about a month,” explains Dodd.

Club president, junior Chloe Dodd, applies yellow glaze with a sponge to her project.

Currently, the club only focuses on personal projects, but they would like to expand their accomplishments as time goes on, and their club becomes more established. “[My goal is to] get it to the point where we can maybe have art shows, go on field trips, and have everyone be confident in their ceramic making skills.” continues Dodd.

If you are interested in joining Ceramics Club, by all means, you should do it. The club meets on Mondays at Lunch, and if you are available and want more work time, they also meet on Wednesdays after school. The club plans on having a small fee for supplies, so that they can order what they need for the entire club. “[People should join] to learn some skills, create some art, make some friends,” says Dodd. “[They can] embrace the creative atmosphere a little, and perhaps discover a skill they didn’t know they had.”