SC Lip Dub 2017!!!

Directed by: Nathan Nzanga Nick Parker Abby Seliga; Filmed by: Trey Bohag

Kenzi Hendricks, ASB Guest Writer

Spring is an exciting time for Shorecrest as the 2017 Lip Dub is in progress.  It is tradition at Shorecrest that every two years a Lip Dub be filmed.  A lip dub is a music video that combines lip synching and audio dubbing. SC’s Lip Dubs area a great way to get the entire school involved and boost morale towards the end of the year. The last Lip Dub was in 2015, with major success. This year’s video will feature TV shows as the theme, with eight shows in particular that the SC students have voted on.

Work on the Lip Dub began this fall in the Advanced Leadership class and continued over into second semester.  The committee is working diligently to plan and organize this event until filming day, on April 13th.  However, Lip-Dubbers have been practicing since February in preparation.  Committee members are Nick Parker, Trey Bohag, Abby Seliga, Nathan Nzanga, Marlena Rooney-Wilcox, and Kenzi Hendricks.  This year’s goal is to include the entire school and keep the video around five minutes long, as 2015’s video was over ten minutes long.

The Lip Dub will include the entire school, with Highlander Homes placed all around campus and various cameos of sports and performance groups taking place in the video.  Lip-Dubbers have been given roles for the following TV shows: That 70’s Show, Scooby Doo, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, Pokemon, That’s So Raven, Cops, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, and Friends.  The Lip-Dubbers in each show will be in costume accordingly as well as each Hi-Ho.

This year’s Lip Dub is focused on only the main campus, featuring both courtyards by the gym and by the theatre.  The route of the video, or the path that it will take, starts in the Gym courtyard and ends in the Theatre courtyard.  The Commons, Staff Lounge, Elevator, and Main Office are areas that are being featured.