Shorecrest’s Option for Non Binary Bathrooms


Mara Amole

Nonbinary students can get passes that allow them to use gender neutral staff bathrooms.

This school year, a system has been arranged to accommodate non-binary and transgender students who do not feel comfortable in the existing male and female bathrooms.

Unfortunately, building new bathrooms is far out of the school budget, so Shorecrest administration had to come up with another solution.  It was decided that non gender conforming students would carry a card to access staff bathrooms, located on the first and second floors.  

Listening to discussions in the school’s Gay Straight Alliance (GSA), most seemed to feel this to be an appropriate and serviceable solution. “I think this really gives non-binary kids a chance to fit in without the dysphoria of deciding between the bathroom of their biology vs the bathroom of their gender,” says Nix, a genderfluid student. “I wish it was less taboo,” they say, “In the future, I hope that it is a more open option, where students don’t need a pass to go to a non-binary bathroom.”

A second issue was introduced as the students talked: there is no similar option when it comes to changing rooms.  Administration suggests changing in a bathroom, however there is no staff bathroom in the gym building and students don’t have access to lockers, making it too inconvenient for many non-binary and transgender students.

There is no clear solution as of yet, however the staff continues to consider the issue. As for the bathroom policy, it will remain for the foreseeable future.  If you feel uncomfortable going in the designated male and female bathrooms and are interested in utilizing this system of non binary bathrooms, visit your counselor and ask for a pass. They will provide you with the required pass and do what they can to ensure that you feel more comfortable in our school environment. You can sign up for an appointment in the counseling office, or contact your counselor through the emails below.

Shorecrest Counseling Office

Office Hours: 7:30-3:30

Main Number: 206-393-4296


Jill Brown (For students with last names A-E):  [email protected]           

Sara McManus (For students with last names F-L  + ELL):  [email protected]     

Jenny Breed (For students with last names M-R):  [email protected]      

Wendy Friedman (For students with last names S-Z):  [email protected]