Black men deserve to grow old


Tyre Nichols is one of many black men killed by police.

On January 7th in Memphis, Tennessee, Tyre was pulled over by cops. He was driving back to his mother’s house, which was about 100 yards away. Tyre was stopped for “reckless driving” according to NBC News, but when camera footage was shown there was no proof of that. On Friday, January 28th, body cam footage was released showing that Tyre was rudely pushed to the ground and cops yelled threats at him even though he was complying. Officers then used a stun gun on Tyre. He was able to break free and tried running to his mothers house which wasn’t that far as he cried out, “mom, mom!” over and over again. The officers eventually caught up to him and pushed him to the ground and then kicked and beat him. Tyre didn’t even strike back as stated by NBC News. He was beaten and kicked in the head and pushed and pepper sprayed as he called out “I’m just trying to get home” as shared by the New York Times. After all this, officers put him in the back of their car, disregarding that he was unresponsive and continued with their day. Medical attention eventually arrived, yet Tyre died in the hospital 3 days later. He was a father to a 4-year-old girl. He was a photographer. He was a skater. He was a good and kind person who was taken too soon.

The officers were charged with second-degree murder, kidnapping and other charges though many were in disbelief considering the cops were black and did this to one of their own.

The Memphis police chief called the actions of the officers “heinous, reckless and inhumane.” Tyre’s mother spoke out as well and asked for a peaceful protest. There was a candlelit vigil held for Tyre, friends and family attended and honoured Tyre Nichols ( 2023). If you’d like to help his family there is a GoFundMe page available.

Time after time I keep thinking that cops will learn from their mistakes and gain their respect back, but time after time I’m disappointed. How are you supposed to feel safe when the people that are supposed to protect us put us in danger? My prayers go out to Tyre’s family and friends.

Rest in peace Tyre Nichols.