New Faces – Claire Hinman

Math Teacher

Sophia Gamble, Lead Writer

(Photo Pending)

Ms. Hinman is new to Shorecrest this year and found out about this position from friends. So far, she loves the community and spirit of Shorecrest. Ms. Hinman graduated from the University of Washington and has both math and teaching degrees. She was born in Santa Rosa, California but grew up in Enumclaw, Washington. As a kid, she wanted to be several different things, but finally decided on teaching. Ms. Hinman appreciates hard work; her biggest accomplishment was going to state with her high school golf team, she says, “it felt like a huge accomplishment because of how hard I had worked.” Her advice for students has to do with determination, “if you know what you want, and you set out to get it, there is nothing that you can’t do,” she says, “it’s all about hard work.” Ms. Hinman loves pigs and hates when people drive slowly in the fast lane. We are lucky to have Ms. Hinman at Shorecrest.