Big Band Swing Dance 2017

Some people may not know what they’re looking for in an event, but that’s no problem when it comes to the Big Band Swing Dance, this dance had it all, from dancing, jazzy tunes, delicious baked goodies, coffee, themed decorations, and even a groovy backdrop! The night included performances by the Kellogg jazz band, Shorecrest Stage Band, and Shorecrest Jazz Band. Numerous students from the performance groups also helped prepare before the dance, with tasks including setting up and decorating tables, arranging the stage for performances, and creating banners/posters. While it’s a grand annual get-together, it is also a fundraiser, with this year’s focus on raising money for the Stage and Jazz Bands’ upcoming trip to the Mead Jazz Festival held in Spokane, Washington.

The Big Band dance proved to be an entertaining environment for students and families, “This was my 6th time attending the dance and it did not disappoint. The music was fun and lively and had just the right amount of fun, up-beat songs to keep you moving and the right amount of slower songs for dances with that special someone. The decorations were gorgeous as always; the way that Kip Kane hangs the lights makes the place look magical. It’s really my favorite dance of the year!” Shorecrest student, Alegra Batara recounted.

Performers also recollected thoughts from this memorable evening, “I thought every band performed admirably. The set-up and visuals were pretty much the same for every one of the Big Band Swing dances we’ve had, with the same high quality as ever. The music was all fun, the dancing was fun, and a good night seemed to be had by all. On a personal note, I found two long, sharp pins literally stuck inside the lining of my jacket, one poking into my chest and one poking out. Luckily, the costume director for the theatre was there and performed a successful jacket surgery so I wouldn’t be jabbed constantly during our set.” Shorecrest Jazz band bass trombonist, Ray Mitchell shared of his prickly experience. “The turnout this year was HUGE, it was awesome…the fact that so many were students made it even cooler. The same thing was true last year actually, and this year it was even more. So we were all happy about that and we appreciated so many people being there to dance and see us play,” added Shorecrest Jazz band trumpet player Aldo Chavez.

The Big Band Swing Dance portrayed an enjoyable occasion for students to support their peers while dancing the night away!