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Hello! I am Vance Cunningham. I am new to Shorecrest, and am still getting used to high school life. Over the summer I discovered a passion for writing. Movies have always been an interest of mine, and I finally started to write my thoughts down. Since then I have started to write movie reviews, and am so glad I have finally found a way to publish them through the Shorecrest newspaper. Also, I still get the print newspaper at home (Yeah the paper one, call me old) and read it as often as I can. Journalism fascinates me and I love reading about what is going on in the world around me. To be able to write for a paper myself is an amazing opportunity. I love sharing my ideas, even though sometimes I argue too much. I am a Lord of the Rings fan, so just try arguing with me about that. Also, as you can see by the photo, I love Star Wars, and am willing to discuss it anytime. If you see me, come talk to me. I would love to discuss books, movies, classes, music, or just have a conversation. I promise it’ll be off the record.

Vance Cunningham, Movie Critic

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Vance Cunningham